CRS method
CRS Method is a water based treatment method, also referred to as hydrotherapy. It is based on the patients reflexes (especially that of infants) and the practice of sharpening those reflexes to make involuntary movements voluntary. The method plays off of the body's natural survival instinct to create movement in damaged or limited areas in the body. The healthy part of the brain compensates for the damaged area and the muscles react in the same manner. Through this kind of work we can improve the motor skills of the patient. The method works while the patient is under water, this creates a breathing restriction that activates destress reflexes and hence a movement response. Later these movement responses are used to help the patients regain motor skills where previously there were none. Once these movements are established the patient can begin to use them in a voluntary way and not as a distress response. The new ability of the patient to preform movements where they couldn't before develops confidence in the water and a greater level of physical awareness, motivation, and will to succeed. The water treatments are being performed with great care and attention addressing the specific needs of each and every patient. Every day in this method we witness exciting and astounding examples of kids overcoming massive obstacles on their way to finding health and independence.
Eden pool is located in the private house of Shimon and Edna Eyal in Nofah, a small and peaceful village near Petah-Tiqua in Israel. In Eden pool we specialize in developmental swimming for infants and hydrotherapy for a multitude people and abilities. The pool was founded in 1996 by Shimon Eyal, one of Israel pioneers in developmental infants swimming (from 1979), and the inventor of CRS method. The administration is being carefully executed by Edna Eyal. The method is one of the most unique and advanced in the world. According to each infant's developmental rate exercises are given to fit him/her to the best of their abilities. And by that, helping them achieve motor skills, social skills, and even cognitive skills. The treatments are given by certified guides that have additional professional training by Shimon Eyel (the parent is also present and active during these classes). The collaboration with the parent in the water is very bonding and creates a strong mental and physical connection. In addition to developmental infant swimming, the pool also helps older children with swimming skills, and any kind of body malfunctions or weakness. In addition we hold activities for adults such as childbirth preparation, fitness, and heart and lung endurance. Hydrotherapy treatments are also available for special needs adults and children. The pool is specially designed for the activities it holds. It is 5.5/12 meters by size, controlled water temperature, and salt water based filtering system. The surrounding facilities are suitable for babies and special needs patients. The peaceful environment combined with the professional approach gives best experience possible to all our customers. We hope this environment gives all who experience it a sense of calm well-being and possibility.
Shimon Eyal is the owner of Eden Pool, the head of the "Eden Kids" association and the creator of the CRS (congenital reflex stimulation) method. As a child Shimon was a water polo player for Hapoel Youth House Jerusalem. He has always considered the water to be his innate environment. In the military Shimon served in an elite unit, during which time his arm was badly injured by a grenade. It was unclear from doctors if he would ever be able to use his right arm again. After several surgeries and a long rehabilitation period, he decided to find his own path to recovery through swimming and water sports. Through his own commitment and research he was able to restore sensation in his arm and bring it back to function. During this period Shimon realized that water activates are one of the best and most natural ways to rehabilitate. He started volunteering and assisting injured IDF soldiers in the pool. At this time he also went through intensive training and education in the fields of lifeguarding, coaching competitive swimming, and infants and special needs water therapy. Shimon specialized with infant development Berda School in Holland and in rehabilitation swimming for the disabled in the orthopedic school in Barcelona. Through years and professional experience, Shimon realized that to accomplish the greatest results it is best to start as early as possible, preferably right after birth. He then developed "Congenital Reflex Stimulation" also known as CRS Method, which he teaches at Campus Siim, Tel Aviv University. To this day Shimon continues to help kids with special needs ranging from behavioral disorders to CP and other severe conditions.